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While writing for some Indian website, I used this verse “Athithi Devo Bhava”but the moment I wrote I was forced by my inner self to take a deep plunge into the thoughts and I asked myself am I writing it correctly.  The attacks by our own countrymen on our foreign guests, weak minorities made me think about this. Perhaps this feeling of hospitality is applicable only to our acquaintances and relatives who visit us at our home and in many cases even” THIS” is also not true.

Although our media always remains busy accusing other countries where Indians are being attacked but why they forget about our own country? Not only females from other countries are subjected to exploitation here but also their male counterparts are exposed to these crimes.

I still do remember an incidence, a few years back when I was back to home after appearing for an M.B.A. exam..I noticed a foreigner (a lady) on the bus terminal standing beside me, waiting for the bus and talking to her friend and asking him to receive her at a midway stoppage.

We boarded the bus; she stepped down at her destination while I still had to travel for nearly 2 hours more. It was 1:30 pm, I too came down to had a cup of tea, where it was very awful to notice that her friend didn’t turn up and she was standing there surrounded by at least 13-14 rickshaw walas and owners of nearby tea stalls. All commenting on her and laughing at her, using very obscene language as she couldn’t understand even a word of Hindi.

A co passenger asked me to help her and asked me if I know English. But I couldn’t gather the courage to make my way into that circle of beasts and approach her to offer help. Reason for this may be that I was a bit young and immature also I was accompanied by only a female member of my family or you can say I was simply short of the courage needed at that time. I failed to help her. I could have informed the police but it didn’t come to my mind. After few minutes I saw her going with one of themGod knows what happened to her next..she safely reached her destination or not..I don’t know. But still sometimes whenever I sit alone, I still get horrified with its memories and is filled with guilt up to neck. I really feel ashamed that on that day all my education went into vain. I write for national and International clients but all my knowledge of this language “English” is worthless. I couldn’t utilize it to save some innocent person where question was just about communicating with her at the right time. I still feel if I can travel back into the past I would surely make things fall into right place.

While writing this caption “Athithi Devo Bhava” I forgot that I live in a country where our own women are not spared, where females are neither safe in the womb nor outside it. Incredible Indiatrue…. impossible to believe this. Image


Prostitution is considered to be the world’s oldest profession. It is being practiced in the world since time immemorial. No matter how stringent the laws were or the laws are at the present time, nothing could be done to curb it completely and to eradicate it from the society.

It is considered as an obligation to shun prostitution by many countries as it is seen as social stigma and as harbinger of amoral practices. Prostitution is often unacceptable and is looked down upon in the society.

Pros And Cons Of Legalization Of Prostitution in India: An Analysis

What GOOD will the legalization of this profession will bring?

Unregulated prostitution is causing a havoc of HIV/AIDS among prostitutes. If legalized, various health plans and checkups can be organized for prostitutes.

Illegal trafficking of girls who are pushed into this profession can be controlled, as registration of brothels would be mandatory. Prostitutes usually remain devoid of their basic rights such as right to education, right against exploitation, right to freedom, right to form association etc. Legalization of prostitution will surely mean the access to these basic human rights.

Prostitutes are often shunned by our society; they cannot lay a dignified life in this close knit Indian society. Legalization would surely mean to mark that they are human too and should be considered as one.

Legalization would abolish “Middleman” or Dalals, who sell girls like chattels just for their commission.

Child trafficking can be curbed effectively.

Children of prostitutes can be given a better life and living conditions. They would not be bound to enter the same profession against their will.

Legalization of prostitution would surely extend labor laws to the sex works who work in brothels.

If prostitution is legalized it would act as the prime channel to vent out the urges of those who cannot control their libido and end up involving in rape and other sexual violations of women.

No reason for turning a blind eye towards prostitution, “if I do not see it, it does not exist”, hoping that it would vanish by itself one day.  

Grounds For Not Legalizing Prostitution:


Legalizing prostitution will surely have a significant social impact and cost. There are not many people who would appreciate even the thought of brothel placed nearby their homes.

What earlier used to happen in secrecy and behind the closed doors would now be in the open that too with a legal stamp on it.

Legalization would be like providing free tickets for the girls to enter into this profession. It would pose grave problems of HIV/AIDS, Cervical cancer and psychological disorders.

Would prove as a gift to traffickers and pimps.

May result in the increase in the demand of prostitutes and can result in the over expansion of the sex industry.

Could pose serious threats to the fidelity and compact structure of the institution of marriage.


Legalization of prostitution in India is a big question and any decision regarding it shall act as a landmark in the entire history of Indian economy. Legalization has its share of both Pros and Cons.



One whole year has passed again….Yipeeee!

You may be excited as the new year has just approached or you may be a bit in a thoughtful process of self realization about all the malicious things that happened during the last year or just thinking that one whole year is again subtracted from your precious mortal self, whatever may be your feeling but the fact is quite evident that we have passed over one precious year of our lives and we have to welcome the year ahead, whether willingly or unwillingly.

So, why should not we begin this journey of 12 months again but with a happier note and again start afresh a new endeavor to achieve, for what you have been craving the whole last year.

You may be uncertain about what may happen in the coming time, but why to let this feeling overpower your sense of confidence, willpower and much more, for what that has not happened yet and neither there is anything certain about its occurrence, should not be considered so deeply so as to make it a hindrance in our own path. Just start afresh and fuel up your determination with the desire for the goals that remained unachieved.

Start small but plan for big. Divide you big goals in several smaller ones; achieve them one by one and success will naturally come to you.

Stand up, step ahead and say “Yes I Can Do It”.

Believe Me….Go Indulge!