Prostitution is considered to be the world’s oldest profession. It is being practiced in the world since time immemorial. No matter how stringent the laws were or the laws are at the present time, nothing could be done to curb it completely and to eradicate it from the society.

It is considered as an obligation to shun prostitution by many countries as it is seen as social stigma and as harbinger of amoral practices. Prostitution is often unacceptable and is looked down upon in the society.

Pros And Cons Of Legalization Of Prostitution in India: An Analysis

What GOOD will the legalization of this profession will bring?

Unregulated prostitution is causing a havoc of HIV/AIDS among prostitutes. If legalized, various health plans and checkups can be organized for prostitutes.

Illegal trafficking of girls who are pushed into this profession can be controlled, as registration of brothels would be mandatory. Prostitutes usually remain devoid of their basic rights such as right to education, right against exploitation, right to freedom, right to form association etc. Legalization of prostitution will surely mean the access to these basic human rights.

Prostitutes are often shunned by our society; they cannot lay a dignified life in this close knit Indian society. Legalization would surely mean to mark that they are human too and should be considered as one.

Legalization would abolish “Middleman” or Dalals, who sell girls like chattels just for their commission.

Child trafficking can be curbed effectively.

Children of prostitutes can be given a better life and living conditions. They would not be bound to enter the same profession against their will.

Legalization of prostitution would surely extend labor laws to the sex works who work in brothels.

If prostitution is legalized it would act as the prime channel to vent out the urges of those who cannot control their libido and end up involving in rape and other sexual violations of women.

No reason for turning a blind eye towards prostitution, “if I do not see it, it does not exist”, hoping that it would vanish by itself one day.  

Grounds For Not Legalizing Prostitution:


Legalizing prostitution will surely have a significant social impact and cost. There are not many people who would appreciate even the thought of brothel placed nearby their homes.

What earlier used to happen in secrecy and behind the closed doors would now be in the open that too with a legal stamp on it.

Legalization would be like providing free tickets for the girls to enter into this profession. It would pose grave problems of HIV/AIDS, Cervical cancer and psychological disorders.

Would prove as a gift to traffickers and pimps.

May result in the increase in the demand of prostitutes and can result in the over expansion of the sex industry.

Could pose serious threats to the fidelity and compact structure of the institution of marriage.


Legalization of prostitution in India is a big question and any decision regarding it shall act as a landmark in the entire history of Indian economy. Legalization has its share of both Pros and Cons.


  1. mukta says:

    In ancient and medieval period these practices was very much there in the society and legalized by the emperors(govt.), it can be done now as well at least for the betterment of these ladies and their kids. My point of view 🙂

  2. Pulkit says:

    Nicely said….both pros and cons presented in a balanced way.
    If asked for my opinion…i am in support of legalization as at least then we have a better way of tracking it all and helping all the women in this profession.

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