Athithi Devo Bhava….True? My own Experience

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Random conversation Topics
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While writing for some Indian website, I used this verse “Athithi Devo Bhava”but the moment I wrote I was forced by my inner self to take a deep plunge into the thoughts and I asked myself am I writing it correctly.  The attacks by our own countrymen on our foreign guests, weak minorities made me think about this. Perhaps this feeling of hospitality is applicable only to our acquaintances and relatives who visit us at our home and in many cases even” THIS” is also not true.

Although our media always remains busy accusing other countries where Indians are being attacked but why they forget about our own country? Not only females from other countries are subjected to exploitation here but also their male counterparts are exposed to these crimes.

I still do remember an incidence, a few years back when I was back to home after appearing for an M.B.A. exam..I noticed a foreigner (a lady) on the bus terminal standing beside me, waiting for the bus and talking to her friend and asking him to receive her at a midway stoppage.

We boarded the bus; she stepped down at her destination while I still had to travel for nearly 2 hours more. It was 1:30 pm, I too came down to had a cup of tea, where it was very awful to notice that her friend didn’t turn up and she was standing there surrounded by at least 13-14 rickshaw walas and owners of nearby tea stalls. All commenting on her and laughing at her, using very obscene language as she couldn’t understand even a word of Hindi.

A co passenger asked me to help her and asked me if I know English. But I couldn’t gather the courage to make my way into that circle of beasts and approach her to offer help. Reason for this may be that I was a bit young and immature also I was accompanied by only a female member of my family or you can say I was simply short of the courage needed at that time. I failed to help her. I could have informed the police but it didn’t come to my mind. After few minutes I saw her going with one of themGod knows what happened to her next..she safely reached her destination or not..I don’t know. But still sometimes whenever I sit alone, I still get horrified with its memories and is filled with guilt up to neck. I really feel ashamed that on that day all my education went into vain. I write for national and International clients but all my knowledge of this language “English” is worthless. I couldn’t utilize it to save some innocent person where question was just about communicating with her at the right time. I still feel if I can travel back into the past I would surely make things fall into right place.

While writing this caption “Athithi Devo Bhava” I forgot that I live in a country where our own women are not spared, where females are neither safe in the womb nor outside it. Incredible Indiatrue…. impossible to believe this. Image

  1. mukta says:

    This is the irony of our society that what we preach we don’t practice be it ‘Athithi devo bhawa’ or ‘Mera bharat Mahan’.We ride big time on the goodwill created by our predecessor oversees and try our best to destroy it.As far as Athithi Devo bhawa is concern only a happy and satisfied person/nation can be the good host which we are not.

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