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Caution: This story is based on a true incidence. Date, Place and Name of people are changed here to conceal the identity of the victim.

Ok Ok don’t give that ‘haww” look.. now read on…

I met a friend of mine on facebook after very long time. Both of us inquired about each other’s past and present life. She asked me “What do your husband do?” I told her that he is a SAP prof. I used “prof” instead of Professional. Assuming my husband to be SAP professor, she said “oh!”…(Meaning oh! I am really sorry for you) . This “oh” pinched me somewhere in my heart. While I told her that he is a SAP Professional…”COOOL” was her remark. Just a difference of ‘prof.’ and ‘Professional’ decides the position of a person on the yardstick of being cool. Is it really so “uncool” if a male is in teaching profession?

I was really taken aback, and realized that perhaps being cool is the priority in today’s time. If you want to be noticed, get loved, feel wanted and many other such basic emotions, the sole criterion is BEING COOL. If you score quite high on this cool quotient, people (most importantly of your age) will flock around you. Teaching is the most basic profession of all, as it forms the stout base on which all the other so called cool professions are standing tall. Often we forget that what we are today is just because of the fact that our esteemed teachers did their work with utmost sincerity, without judging that at what place do we fall when they measure our cool quotient.

What is considered cool today is being in a prof. oops! Profession that doesn’t have a far remote relation to teaching stuff, Having a Tab of some top rated manufacturing company, possessing colorful laptops, wearing Uber cool attire from some blah blah International brand, having an I or v pod (although gone are the days when they were considered as a luxury), having an android oops! Sorry again! Android is now getting replaced by latest version of Windows operating system in mobiles, and last but not the least is being good at YO YO English. So be sure if you have all these qualities, never ever imagine this in your remotest dream that someone will ever dare to ignore you.

“How are you” is now replaced by “what version of Android operating system your cell phone has”. Hay ! do you have whats App installed on your phone? Or you will get a reply as “YOOO”. You are asking someone that how is he? And you get YO YO in place of “I am good”..Isn’t it ridiculous? And obnoxious too.

It is no doubt true as the Sun shining in the sky that who doesn’t want to be techno friendly and posses latest gadgets but making it sole criterion to set your behavior towards someone is good enough?

Perhaps no place for real basic emotions and if anyone dares to abide himself/herself by these emotions, soon they are thrown out of those groups of cool people.

So I have decided that if I will ever get hold of the word “cool” I will beat it up with a hammer and will nail it down so that it doesn’t prevail our minds.



Here I am talking about the online Jargons acronyms and shorthand terms that we all use just to save a few seconds while working online.

This internet language has developed over a decade and is perhaps as old as the internet itself. This different kind of language is also known as chat speak, SMS speak, or IM language. It is the modified or we can say a distorted version of our current alphabetical way of speaking.

Below is the list of those slangs that have hilarious alternative meanings:

LOL: It is used in internet language for “laughing out loudly”

Real Meaning: LOL in the medical world is used to identify a patient as” little old lady”.

BRB: Means “Be right Back” in internet language.

Real Meaning: It refers to a “Big Red Button” such as for emergency or fear detonation.

 IDK: Its meaning in internet language is “I Don’t Know”

Real Meaning: “Ident-A-Kid”, as used in child identification program in United States.

 BFF: It means “Best Friends Forever” as per internet jargons.

Real Meaning: In late 1980 or early 1990, it referred to “Binary File Format”, a binary coding format for computer programs.

OMG: It is “oh my god/gosh/ goodness” when you trouble god for trivial things while using Internet.

Real Meaning: “Out law Motorcycle club” (OMG), found in 1930, it was the most notorious gang in the America.

PLZ: You use it to say “please” with lightning fast speed.

Real Meaning: It is a well known airport code for the Port Elizabeth airport in South Africa.

CYA: It is the misspelling of “see ya”.

Real Meaning: It is a sneaky acronym for “cover your ass”.

BTW: Used to denote “By the Way”

Real Meaning; Acronym for “British Traditional Wicca”.

ROFL: Used for “Rolling on floor laughing”, used when saying LOL is not enough.

Real Meaning: Rogues of the forbidden legion.

THX: It is used to say “thanks”/

Real Meaning: Tomlison Holman’s experience, an audio spin off of Lucas film.

BC: It is the shorthand for “because”.

Real Meaning: Before Christ.

AND U? : Please now “u” add to this list..”

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