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karma-funny-quotes‘Friend’, a word which is the synonym of incomparable joy and immense pleasure to one’s life. Thousands of magazines, lakhs of Internet hours and hundreds of movies cannot give that happiness that an hour spent with a friend can give. And I too really value my friends in my life who make my life so beautiful. But there are a few people, I may rather abstain myself from calling them ‘friends’, who make our life miserable, are toxic and are a big time suck.

These kinds of people who pretend to be our friends are more of a parasite. And suck peace, precious time and positivity completely out of our lives.

If you are not sure that a person is worth it or not just watch for these 10 signs in them

  • Pull you down

They say and do such things that pull you down emotionally and psychologically, and financially. And you feel completely drained when you spend time with them.

  • Not supportive

They are the kind of people who believe in the “A friend in need I will NEVER heed”. Rest you know everything about what they do, there is no need to explain any further.

  • Speak behind your back

They always speak behind your back with the others. The moment you leave the place they start bitiching about you. No matter that even sugar and Honey will hide their face when they talk so sweetly in front of you, in their sugar wrapped words.

  • They are opportunists

They need you only when they need you. Areeee I mean they contact you only when the need arises, not to mention, origination of need is on their side.

  • They are jealous

They praise your deeds and things in front of your face but secretly desire that all the good things that belong to you just vanish away.

  • The users/ Parasites

They always want to use your phones, your internet connections, even your business connection, your sources and all your stuff just because all that is available for free. But when their turn comes to pay back everything in terms of friendship, they just disappear in the blink of an eye.

  • The Fashionista

I am talking about those who consider themselves at the highest point when it comes to fashion also places you too at the highest point “but from below”. And constantly points out that you are nothing.

  • They never call you

They never call you or try to meet you. It’s always you who try and go out of the way to have them by your side. But they never ever turn up.

  • They are up to wrong deeds

They are involved in the bad deeds. It’s better to stay away from them.

Never trust them with your secrets. They are the first ones to spread the news.


These types of friends are better termed as toxic friends.

And I am really thankful to those who have been a real friend to me all these years, and request them to hold their place in my heart with all respect and dignity forever and ever and ever.



chaar log....

“WO Chaar Log”…. Areeee Nooo, PLEASE DON’T TAKE ME WRONG… I am not talking about those four people who offer their shoulder for taking one to his/her final journey. God Forbid.

I am talking about the people around us, the society which we are a part of.

You must have heard about this “Chaar log sunege tho kya kahenge? “. Fear of what people will say If they come to know about your actions ( of course not the offensive ones), thinking, sexual orientation, educational background, financial status, Marital relations and the list is never ending, perhaps there is no field of our life which goes untouched of this fear.

This syndrome of “Fear of Social acceptance” affects people irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, race and nationality and have successfully crossed boundaries.

When I was a bit overweight, people used to say “why don’t you lose some weight? You will look good” and now when I have lost weight, they say… hey what happened? Is everything alright? Why you have become so thin? And they start speculating about what might be happening in my life that has made me so thin. Log kaise bhi nahin jeene dete. I was fed up and stressed. And I ended up at a hospital for a complete health check up. There also, the doctor started laughing at me and said that when people want to lose weight and look nice why you want to gain weightYou are weird.  Abb main kya batati, that I was all caught up in a vicious circle.

All this happened because I tried to please people. I was affected by what they think of me and wanted me to become or look like. But I forgot that people won’t spare you either way.

I am sure that most of you must be having a similar story as mine. We often tend to take big decisions of our life in influence of social fear. And we regret that later. We like to take those fields as career which rate high on the yardstick of social acclaim, no matter what we like and what we are interested in, and apply the same when it comes to taking decisions for our children. No matter how good one is at painting per banana tho engineer ya doctor hi hai, chahe bar bar fail ho kar, 4 saal ke course ko 6 saal main Karen. If someone questions you about your decisions, confront them on their face. Let them know firmly that you are happy with what you are doing and they better don’t poke their nose in your matter. Lekin pehle samne wale ki aur apni strength compare kar lena. A disclaimer: Please try this at your own risk.

Warning: Parents should never leave their wards unattended while they deal with your relatives in this matter.     😉

Look I fear of this so much ki muje “disclaimer and warning” article ke beech main likh di. So, that baad main no one gets a chance to blame me.

Life is too short to be lived on the terms of other people. Because they don’t know what we went through, what are we good at and what potential we have inside ourselves?

And please never ever become one of those four people (wo chaar log). Don’t try to make people what you want them to. Don’t roam around with an invisible yard stick in your hand..that “ I did this when I was in that class and I behaved like that when I was of that age”. Believe me people will start hating you and will try to avoid you.

So, just love yourself don’t try to pretend what you are not, and the world will love you back for sure.