Dekhte Hi Like Karen 15 min. Main kuch Achhi khabar Zarror Ayyegi

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Random conversation Topics
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Jo Jo dost online hain iss blog post ko dekhte hi like aur share Karen jaldi hai kuch achhi khabar milegi.

None of us are not aware of such posts on social platforms. We Indians are very religious and I am truly proud of my country and respect all the religions and I am sure you too feel the same. And there no other feeling comparable to the happiness and contentment that we feel when we visit any shrine or get involved in any sort of religious act. But have you realized that we often become victims of our faiths and true belief in the religion that we follow.

The moment we see such a post on any social platform we start sharing and liking it blindly without even realizing that they are used just as a means to evoke our religious emotions that end up gaining enormous likes shares and popularity for their page.

Have you ever thought that why we are always fooled by or are used in the name of religion. Why people who call themselves “god” cheat us?

There is another category of pages which scare you by saying “Iss post ko zarror like and share Karen nahin tho bad luck will follow you for ten years”. Hadd hai ye tho. Tho bhai sab ko meri ye hi advice hai ki jaldi jaldi ase saare pages ko like Karen aur pareshaniyon se door rahenn. 😉

I know it may sound like a cliché’ but it is true that people often forget to follow the religion of humanity. We fight for a trivial amount of money with poor people like rickshaw walas, Raddi walas and with those who come to collect garbage from our homes but spend thousand of rupees in a single evening when we visit a mall.

While taking a stroll on the road we ignore and sometimes scold the little children who beg for one or two rupees whereas we shop for things without even looking at the price tag. Yes! I am also not in the favor of promoting baggers but when a child begs at least what we can do is to buy him/her a meal, an ice cream or whatever is available at hand.

Also it is quite pointless to argue with these poor people like raddiwalas etc. as they already earn very less and moreover what you are giving them doesn’t hold any importance to you either.

Don’t you agree?

There is one more category of people who on one hand share and post pictures related to gods so madly that whenever you open up your page, you find it filled totally with their posts related to the gods. Contrary to this these are the people who keep on commenting and liking “adult posts” which promise to reveal something if you comment, like or share their posts.  Sometimes I am really baffled that which face of these people is true? And which one to be smashed first ? Ok. Ok. It is their personal matter that “what do they want to see?” But I really maintained distance from them for good.

So, people all I want to say that “Meri blogpost ko dekhte hi like and share Karen our 15 min. main acchi khabar payeen.” Please do fast. Hahaha. 😀Image

  1. mukta says:

    Well a bit confused actually all my life i always says ki jo hume nuksaan nahi pahunchata use waise hi chalne do but this is going viral on social sites and jo log khud ko ‘God fearing’ kehte hain wo iske zimedar hain, in my view we should be ‘God loving’ rather than ‘God fearing’.Fears forces us to do stupid things in life like 1 you mentioned here.

    • parul02 says:

      SOO true Mukta Mathur. Perhaps all this happens because people want to take a shortcut to be close to god, by sharing such posts as if the god is watching. But abstain themselves from doing small good deeds. 😀

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