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Assuming you to be intelligent and smart enough to understand the heading of my story I am trying to share with you, a different aspect of this Smartphone baba that has deeply and invisibly touched each one of us. My this blog post is dedicated to all the women who are married or are going to be hitched any time soon.

Earlier, when you used to get up in the morning, you used to head straight to find that if the newspaper has landed or not? So that you can enjoy it untouched and unread I mean fresh and crisp, (I don’t know about you people but at least for me it is true, I have this disease since my childhood). Even today I rush in the morning to be the first one to grab it (Although it is different that these days my husband often wins the race as I am damn busy with my kid in the morning). But have you realized for many of us, the things are changing slowly, now our phone has become has inevitable part of our body, mind and soul. The touch screens of our phone have replaced the bechara newspaper. When the newspaper is on our tips why to go out and search for that big piece of paper news (the newspaper). Bhaito arram se”.

Now, when your child has gone to school successfully and Husband is off to office your smart phone baba takes the advantage and comes close to you. He is very smart. 😉 Kuch galat kaha maine? You just run to grab your phone as it is a handy option, (no not laptop, it takes time to open up..then you have to establish net connection..chodo yarr kaun kare ye sab). Rahi sahi kami whtsapp ne puri kardi. The phone beeps and beeps and beeps until you check that who is knocking on the screen. Isn’t it?

Once upon a time, yeahyou have read it right, ONCE UPON A TIME, when women folks were free in the afternoon they loved to take a power nap (I called it power nap, as your child won’t let you  take a prolonged one), or grab the replay of the episode missed last night,  but now as soon as the work is over the babaji (Smartphone) kept aside somewhere in the kitchen again comes close. Look how much he loves you. You can refer him as an example to your husband. 😉 . In the evening when women folks used to chat, exchange recipes and secrets, and stand outside of their homes  (these talks were once referred to as Gate talks), now they all used to spend time with the babaji sitting in the comfort of their homes. And exchange, all what I have written above, on whtsapp.

Even those who are in office, don’t forget to turn to the social plugins be it the active users (who actively like, update and comment) or the passive ones (who don’t  indulge in any such things but keep bugging you like anything, through your post and your comments that you do on your own updates and one updates from other people).

Yeah, one more thing, Husbands who scold their wives and complain about the nasty presence of smart phone baba between you and him, very actively use their phones while they are in office. Check them out.

Ab tho ye haal hai ki some people when used to get up at night to drink water or to avail the toilet facility, they don’t forget to take a sneak peek at the world locked inside the small screens of phones kept inside their pillows.

But don’t think that smart phone is a bane, it has also proved to be a boon to those girls who are not so good (Ahm! Ahm! Sorry I had to use this sentence to explain my feelings) at cooking are going to be hitched any time soon. Kaise?  Ase ki, now they don’t have to call every now and then to their mother asking her, “Bagan ka bharta kaise banta hai mummy”, “Chicken korma kaise banaun Mummy”. All this is now just a click away. Mummy is also relived now thank god!! No tensions now , that how her daughter will perform at the first test of cooking in her sasural. That is a different thing that these sort of tests never ever end.

So, if I will start explaining each and every aspect that is related to the topic that, how the smart phone baba has touched (oops!! I meant to say “the life of”) Indian women, there will be no end to this post.

So, if anyone doesn’t like my blog this time, is free to post ”galiyan in the comment box. Keep reading folks.Image


Prostitution is considered to be the world’s oldest profession. It is being practiced in the world since time immemorial. No matter how stringent the laws were or the laws are at the present time, nothing could be done to curb it completely and to eradicate it from the society.

It is considered as an obligation to shun prostitution by many countries as it is seen as social stigma and as harbinger of amoral practices. Prostitution is often unacceptable and is looked down upon in the society.

Pros And Cons Of Legalization Of Prostitution in India: An Analysis

What GOOD will the legalization of this profession will bring?

Unregulated prostitution is causing a havoc of HIV/AIDS among prostitutes. If legalized, various health plans and checkups can be organized for prostitutes.

Illegal trafficking of girls who are pushed into this profession can be controlled, as registration of brothels would be mandatory. Prostitutes usually remain devoid of their basic rights such as right to education, right against exploitation, right to freedom, right to form association etc. Legalization of prostitution will surely mean the access to these basic human rights.

Prostitutes are often shunned by our society; they cannot lay a dignified life in this close knit Indian society. Legalization would surely mean to mark that they are human too and should be considered as one.

Legalization would abolish “Middleman” or Dalals, who sell girls like chattels just for their commission.

Child trafficking can be curbed effectively.

Children of prostitutes can be given a better life and living conditions. They would not be bound to enter the same profession against their will.

Legalization of prostitution would surely extend labor laws to the sex works who work in brothels.

If prostitution is legalized it would act as the prime channel to vent out the urges of those who cannot control their libido and end up involving in rape and other sexual violations of women.

No reason for turning a blind eye towards prostitution, “if I do not see it, it does not exist”, hoping that it would vanish by itself one day.  

Grounds For Not Legalizing Prostitution:


Legalizing prostitution will surely have a significant social impact and cost. There are not many people who would appreciate even the thought of brothel placed nearby their homes.

What earlier used to happen in secrecy and behind the closed doors would now be in the open that too with a legal stamp on it.

Legalization would be like providing free tickets for the girls to enter into this profession. It would pose grave problems of HIV/AIDS, Cervical cancer and psychological disorders.

Would prove as a gift to traffickers and pimps.

May result in the increase in the demand of prostitutes and can result in the over expansion of the sex industry.

Could pose serious threats to the fidelity and compact structure of the institution of marriage.


Legalization of prostitution in India is a big question and any decision regarding it shall act as a landmark in the entire history of Indian economy. Legalization has its share of both Pros and Cons.